La Félicita

La Félicita - Histoires de Parfums

La Félicità is the last of the Big Mamarestaurants. A French chain that today has seven restaurants all over Paris. Located at the Station Fin the 13th arrondissement, the restaurant is open 24/7.

Designed like a true Italian village market, the restaurant has five kitchens and three bars. There is no table service. Rather, you pick one stand, and wait in line to pick your spot amongst the 1000 tables inside, or the 500 tables on the terrace.

Before becoming a restaurant, La Félicità, was a venue used for parties, meet-ups, dancing... but with the goodwill of Victor Lugger, one of Big Mama's founders, it became "a happy Italian jumble".

As for the cuisine, you will find all the Italian classics served Italian style! For example, no cream for the carbonara pasta, nor for the cacio and pepe. In addition to all the traditional pastas, you will also find margherita and regina pizza's, bruschetta, burrata, tiramisu etc. All Italian foods! And if you're craving a burger, that's also an option, with the American burger pop-up which serves one burger recipe from Chicago, recognized as one of the best burgers in America.

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