Pâtisserie Bontemps

Pâtisserie Bontemps - Histoires de Parfums

The history of this Alice in Wonderland themed spot began with the opening of the pâtisserie Bontemps, which is renowned for its shortbread biscuits and the most exquisite lemon tart in all of Paris.

In a neglected area, this well-kept secretive spot was once an old printing house with a rustic courtyard. Fiona, the pâtisserie's manager didn't wait long to invest in the location, and the interior courtyard has since been turned into a salon now called the "secret garden".

Known for their sweets, this pâtisserie offers tarts that no one could resist. Don't hesitate to try their savory dishes as well, such as the duo de petits pains maison garnis, or a selection of assorted Italian meats. You won't regret it! Their selection of drinks alone is worth going back for: teas, coffees (excellent cappuccinos) and a seasonal wine list that will have you coming back for more!


Pâtisserie Bontemps - Histoires de Parfums

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