Milan International

Milan International, 1906

Milan International - Histoires de Parfums

For a period of six months beginning on April 28 and ending on November 11, 1906, Milan hosted an international expo focused on "Science, the City, and Life". This was the first time that a convention was centered on humanity, society, and work.

The convention was a symbol of dynamism primarily highlighting innovative transport in celebration of the Simplon tunnel, which for the first time in history connected Paris and Milan by means of a railway through Switzerland. Other themes included agriculture, public health, buildings, luggage, fine art and maritime and air travel.

Over 225 buildings were erected for the exposition with over 40 participating countries and 35 000 exhibitors. A record breaking 5 million people came to visit the exposition. Its success enabled the city of Milan to become Italy's center of exchange to the rest of Europe and allowed the city to advance technologically and develop its economy.


Expo 2015

Milan International - Histoires de Parfums

While "humanity" was still the core of this expo, the theme for 2015 was "Feed the Planet, Energy for Life" geared towards developing innovations that could feed 7 billion people as well as exploring the technological and traditional aspects of agriculture.

Sub-themes of the convention included: alimentary quality and security, innovation in alimentary logistics, technology in agriculture, health education, solidarity through food, food and healthy lifestyles and food at the heart of diverse cultures and ethnicities.

This time around, 52 national pavilions were installed for the 147 countries that participated between May 1st and October 31. A total of 29 million visitors came to confluence in Milan for the expo, which was less than the turnout in Shanghai and Seville, but more than the initial estimation anticipating 20 million visitors.  


Histoires de Parfums at the Expo 2015

 Milan International - Histoires de Parfums

Histoires de Parfumsfor the Expo Milano 2015, had lent its olfactory quill to the exposition The Garden of Wonders by Be Open foundation, focusing on the revival of 8 perfume brands from the 20th Century.

Be Open choose the Brera Botanical Gardens in the heart of Milan as the showcase of its expo devoted to perfume and design.

The 8 brands of perfume have been revived by 8 internationally renowned designers (including Fernando and Humberto Campana, Dimore Studio, Nendo). Using their own sensibility, they have each conceived and redesigned a visual universe inside the pavilion for one of the brands. Gérald Ghislain was invited by Be Open foundation to curate the olfactory section of the exhibition.

In collaboration with the designers, he has revisited each perfume of the exhibiting brands.  
This project aligns past tradition with modern vision by recreating the universe associated with the brands through a contemporary lens, while also providing an olfactory message realized through each designer’s imagination.

Much more than simply an artistic show, this exhibition is associated with the Interni Exhibition-Event “Energy for Creativity,” which examined the potential of niche brands and their positive influence on a social and environmental level.

Milan International - Histoires de Parfums

Milan International - Histoires de Parfums

Milan International - Histoires de Parfums

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