Restaurant to be:
the Nicole Flamel Inn

Restaurant to be: the Nicole Flamel Inn - Histoires de Parfums

Aside from the restauration, the Nicola Flamel Inn is an integral part of Paris's history. Opened in 1407 by Nicolas Flamel, famous French alchemist who spent his life trying to turn lead into gold, the establishment is the oldest Inn in Paris.

The Inn is considered a historical monument and has been serving, since the beginning of the 20th century, a variety of dishes that change with the times, but where the French cuisine is always the best in town. Today, Lebanese chef Alain Geeam is in charge of the high-quality cuisine.

On the menu are high-grade ingredients (scallops, lobster, lamb shoulder, langoustine...) seasoned to perfection and presented in such a way that your eyes will be as blown away as your pallet. As for dessert, those with a sweet tooth can easily satisfy their taste buds and chose from the different soufflés, the house specialty, which comes in chocolate, passion fruit or vanilla.

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