Café of the arts and professions

Café of the arts and professions

Behind the scenes of Ristorante National, are three renown French chefs of Paris: Julien Cohen, Jean-Pierre Lopes and Thomas Delafon. Together, these three take you on a journey to the heart of Italian cuisine, preparing quality dishes with excellence and elegance.

In a decor worthy of the Arts and Métiers, we are taken away by the shadows and lights, the spectacle offered to us by the open kitchen and the chic decor of the Herbarium bar.

Regarding meals, we evidently find staples of Italian cuisine: Anitpasti Linguine Cacio E Pepe, Italian charcuterie including Toscana ham, Sorrenta gnocchi, and most importantly, the famous Burrata. As for dessert, opt for the Tutto Pistacchio made entirely of pistachios, or for the classic Tiramisu.

Are you in a rush? The Ristorante National has created their menu with you in mind, and offers and express lunch of 50 minutes for 37 euros!

Café of the arts and professions

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